Shun Premier Blonde Paring Knife 4″

At 4 inches long, the Shun Premier Blonde Paring Knife is indispensible for all those hundreds of small kitchen tasks that call for a little finesse. Peel, slice, core, and cut with its thin super-sharp blade. And so pretty to look at and hold, the Shun Premier Blonde Paring Knife will make mundane tasks a […]

Shun Classic Kiritsuke Knife

The Shun Classic Kiritsuke is a multipurpose chef’s knife, the work horse of the kitchen. Julienne, slice, dice, and chop…it works equally well on vegetables, poultry, fish, and meats. Handcrafted in Japan, the Shun Classic Kiritsuke has an 8-inch razor-sharp blade with 34 layers of Damascus cladding on each side. Its D-shaped ebony-finished Pakkawood handle […]

Shun Premier Blonde Santoku

The Shun Premier Blonde Santoku has a shape and size that is a favorite of many cooks and professional chefs. With a 7-inch blade, it is slightly shorter than a standard chef’s knife, with enough curve to allow a rocking cut. It has a fine, sharp edge and 68 micro layers of Damascus cladding with […]

Progressive International Collapsible Storage Bowls

Progressive International Collapsible Storage Bowls work wonderfully, fully collapsing for efficient storage. Available in a choice of colorful or dark neutral colors, the set includes 360 ml (1 ½ cup), 720 ml (3 cup) and 1.2 liter (5 cup) bowls, each with a snap-on lid. Once collapsed, they are easy to bring back to shape. […]

Petite Picnic Box by Northbay Creameries

Petite Picnic Box Take all the work out of creating your next perfect picnic for two, or send a gift to a cheese lover on the go with the Petite Picnic Box. From the cooler bag and eco-friendly utensils, to artisan cheese from Marin French Cheese Co. and Laura Chenel, salami, crackers, and St. Benoit […]

Shun Classic Cook’s Knife

The Gyuto The Shun Classic Cook’s Knife is known in Japan as a gyuto. It is the Japanese equivalent of the chef’s knife. In other words, it is an all-purpose knife. Ideal for meat and fish, it performs beautifully on vegetables, too. Although the blade profile is narrower than the traditional chef’s knife, it still […]

Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle

Cast iron is a great material for mortars & pestles with its density and longevity. The pouring spout is great for those wet rubs or marinades. Very stable and made to last. Makes short work of most any grinding job. Height – 3.7″ Depth – 3″ Inner Diameter – 5.5″

Shun Premier 5-Piece Knife Block Set

Ideal for a small kitchen or any corner where compact knife block would be handy, this 5-piece set from Shun has a small footprint and an impressive set of 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch razor-sharp knives. Handcrafted in Japan, the knives feature walnut-finished PakkaWood handles with a full tang, 16-degree cutting edges, and hand-hammered tsuchime finish. […]

Best of the Best Domestic Caviar Assortment

Best of the Best Domestic Caviar The Best of the Best Domestic Caviar Assortment Package allows you to enjoy an eclectic and unique tasting experience of four different premium caviars from the United States. Each kit also comes with 1 mini Crème Fraîche, 16 Frozen Blinis, 1 traditional Mother of Pearl Spoon in a solid […]

Berkel Red Line Slicer

TRADITION MEETS INNOVATION The Berkel Red Line Slicer is a home use electric slicer with all the Berkel quality and innovative design. Reduced dimensions, ease of use and state of the art solutions ensure a perfect cut every day.   The Berkel Red Line 250 is the Slicer of Your Dreams

Rösle Egg Topper

Stainless Steel Egg Topper with Silicone Handle The Rösle Egg Topper niftily opens every breakfast egg. Just position, release and lift off the egg shell. Produces no fragments. Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel and synthetic material. Eating is a vibrant experience connected to most of our senses. With Rösle Kitchen Utensils, appreciation begins long before […]

Rösle Kitchen Tools

Stocking Stuffers Rösle Kitchen Tools are must-haves that make great stocking stuffers. Rösle Coarse Grater For potatoes, beetroot, red cabbage and everything that needs to be grated a bit coarser. Rösle Locking Tongs The Locking Tongs with their patented coupling mechanism can be opened and locked together using just one hand. Rösle Pizza Cutter The […]